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Is This You….

⇒ You’ve been putting off building a website because you don’t know where to start.

⇒ You are doing all of your communication, invoicing, contracts etc. manually and it’s taking you away from things that are actually in your zone of genius.

⇒ You feel overwhelmed by tech because let’s face it, you just don’t know what to do.

⇒ Your business feels like a burden instead of allowing you to be free like you thought it would.

⇒ You spend most of your time googling your tech questions because you don’t know what you don’t know.


Easy As 1, 2, 3…

Kickoff Image - Work with me


Kickoff Phase

Receive and fill out your project planner prior to our kickoff call.

On our 1-hour kickoff call, we will deep dive into your business so I can get a clear picture of what our VIP day will look like. All assets (photos, stock images, copy, passwords) will be collected prior to your VIP Day.

VIP Day - Work with me



I have blocked an entire day (or 2)  just to work on your business.

Whether we are building a new website, refreshing an old one, or working through your tech to-do list, I will be focused only on you. We will communicate throughout the day to make sure you are satisfied with the work being completed.

Wrap Up - Work with Me


Wrap Up

Within 24 hours of your VIP Day, you will receive all edited images, stock images, and passwords for your project. A video explaining how to use your website, or access your platforms will also be provided. 

Depending on the package that you chose you may receive 30, 14, or 7 days of support/maintenance.

The Only Problem Is…

– You’ve been burned by people before who said they could help.

– The projects take FOREVER to get finished.

– You’ve been PLANNING on hiring someone soon, but it’s too overwhelming to even think about.

You wish you could just put your tech stuff in the hands of someone who knows what your business needs, and cares enough to see it through

Imagine If:

– What will it feel like when your business is making money while you sleep because your website is FINISHED and ready to make money 24/7?

– How will it feel to know that you CAN have your tech troubles taken care of without months of planning and effort from you?

– What will be possible for you when you step away from tedious tasks and have more time to spend in your zone of genius?

Thats why I’m offering Tech VIP Days so you can put your business on autopilot and focus on the important parts that you love!

Destiny was a dream to work with. She communicated effectively and guided me through the process. I am grateful for her expertise and the way she was able to create something so beautiful with little guidance or time from me.

Samantha Zarnes

Simple by Samantha Podcast

Destiny is great to work with. She has a clear vision, she is organized, detailed, and well-versed in all things web design. She can make any vision come to life.

Jamie McQuarie

Emvio Solutions

Destiny was even more than I thought I needed! From day one, her professionalism and organizational skills wowed me. There was almost no transition period when bringing her on board-Destiny was able to get the ball rolling immediately and smoothly. I have been so thankful for her easy, clear communication, her pride in her work, and her selflessness in championing my business to move it forward!


Co-Owner, Wives of the Airforce Blog

Before Your TECH VIP DAY

  • You spend every waking moment googling your tech issues.
  • Your website is constantly in a state of “Under Construction”.
  • You CAN do the tech side of your business but you don’t enjoy it, and it takes forever.


  • You spend your time in your zone of genius working on $1000 tasks instead of $10 tasks.
  • Your website is live and makes you money in your sleep.
  • Your tech is working FOR you instead of AGAINST you.

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