Hey VA’s & OBM’s!

Imagine confidently launching and managing high-ticket coaching programs, attracting clients effortlessly, and creating a lucrative career that not only fulfills you professionally but also enriches your personal life. Picture achieving all this without the overwhelming complexity of building a system, the confusion of marketing to a niche, or the expense of hiring a social media team.

So you’ve decided to go all-in on being a high-achieving VA or OBM.

You’ve taken action by:

  • Honing your skills

  • Mastering efficient workflow systems

  • Providing proactive support

Your commitment to excellence is commendable, even if you haven’t dove deep into complex technical skills.

But, let’s face it, there’s a challenge overshadowing your noble mission. The reality is, that amidst the planning, client interactions, and business management, you’re starting to feel the weight of the journey. The emotional toll is real, and you’re questioning if the business is meant to be this draining. 

If you’re nodding along, feeling the exhaustion, then you’re in the right place. Welcome! You’re not alone in this struggle, and I’m excited to introduce you to a solution that will transform your experience and reignite your passion for making a difference.

This you?

You believe you haven’t achieved the financial breakthrough you desire because you think the biggest problem holding you back is a lack of understanding about the true value of your tasks. But, in reality, you don’t have any evidence to support this assumption.

→ You think you need advanced technical skills to command higher prices because you believe that’s what’s holding you back, right?

→ You really want to confidently calculate the worth of your clients’ tasks, and you’ve even attempted to figure it out on your own, but it still hasn’t clicked the way you hoped it would.

→ You undervalue your skills regularly, and deep down, it makes you feel a sense of frustration and uncertainty about your financial future.

→ You’ve put together pricing models, but you know they could be better and do more to impress your clients.

→ You struggle with pricing your services, and it makes you feel a sense of unease every time you think about it. You didn’t think it would be like this when you got into the world of virtual assistance or online business management.

→ You’ve tried various pricing strategies, but they haven’t really gotten you anywhere. In fact, it’s just been a pretty big waste of time and energy.

At the end of the day

all you really want is to confidently value your tasks and secure the income you deserve — you see other virtual assistants and online business managers living this every single day, and you’re frustrated that it’s not your reality yet.

Believe me when I say I get it… because I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

The thing is, I’ve mastered the art of pricing tasks effectively despite not having advanced technical skills, even before I ever thought I needed them for success.

And my students regularly do the same, too.

So, I guarantee you…

You don’t need complex technical skills, and it’s not a lack of understanding about the true value of your tasks.

So… what is it?

Why aren’t you confidently valuing your tasks and achieving the financial breakthrough you desire?

Before we get into that, I think it’s time for some good news.

Just imagine what that would actually be like to...

  • Effortlessly navigate your business, making strategic decisions without feeling overwhelmed by the complex technicalities as you sit down to your computer for a focused work session.
  • Command the income you deserve, without questioning your pricing strategies or feeling undervalued for the impactful work you provide, as you open up your financial management tools.
  • Experience the relief of no longer struggling with undervaluing your skills, fostering a newfound sense of confidence in your pricing and business decisions as you pop open your email to communicate with clients.
  • Have a streamlined pricing system that not only values your expertise appropriately but also attracts high-paying clients effortlessly, checking your notifications on your phone and seeing new inquiries.
  • Feel the joy of no longer experiencing the emotional toll of underpricing your services, knowing that you’ve conquered the challenges that once held you back, just as you wrap up a successful client call.
  • Enjoy the freedom of no longer being shackled by the belief that advanced technical skills are the key to financial success, realizing that your unique skills and understanding of your tasks’ value are more than sufficient as you review your project progress.
  • Run a business where the fear of undervaluing your services is a distant memory, replaced by the confidence that you are indeed giving yourself the raise you deserve, updating your pricing strategy document.

Which can only be found inside of…

Give Yourself A Raise Course

The Give Yourself A Raise Course is the missing link that will help you finally increase your income WITHOUT working more. You get access to my streamlined system for client magnetism, designed to work consistently day in and day out, so getting high ticket coaching clients is a stress-free process, and all of the tools, and strategies I’ve used to give myself 4-figure raises.

Re-Opening Enrollment on March 25th!



I remember the feeling of my inbox exploding with client demands, while my dreams of creative freedom and financial stability faded with each “URGENT” email. As a virtual assistant, I was buried in endless to-do lists, working with clients I hated, and WAS wildly undervalued for what I offered. Every day was a race against the clock, leaving me burnt out and yearning for something more.

And my personal life? I was a single mom on food stamps. Working so much that my kids couldn’t participate in activities because even if I COULD afford it ( which I couldn’t) my schedule was not my own and we just couldn’t make it work. I felt like a complete failure.

But here’s the thing: I refused to accept that as my reality. I knew there had to be a way to leverage my skills and build a career that felt empowering, not exhausting. So, I dug deep, embraced the discomfort of learning, and embarked on a journey to break free from the VA grind.

It wasn’t easy. There were late nights fueled by determination, moments of doubt, and the constant battle against the “imposter syndrome” monster. But with each step, I uncovered powerful strategies to:

    • Attract high-paying clients who value my expertise, not just my time.
    • Automate the mundane, freeing up my energy for high-impact projects.
    • Set healthy boundaries and carve out a work-life balance that is actually balanced.
    • Package and market my skills to command premium rates.
    • Develop a growth mindset and conquer the dreaded imposter syndrome.

Slowly but surely, I built a thriving business, crafting a schedule that allowed me to be there work on my terms, pursue my passions, and finally be present for the things that truly mattered: My family, my friends, MY LIFE!

Because here’s the truth: You’re not just an “assistant”; you’re an entrepreneur trapped in someone else’s business model. My course is your pickaxe, your shovel, and your roadmap to digging your way out and building a career that’s yours.

Ready to join me on the other side? Let’s ditch the virtual handcuffs and claim the life you deserve, together.

Success Stories

Destiny came into my business six months after I had begun coaching! We were scaling fast, but did not have good systems and processes in place. Because of this things were getting missed, and were unorganized. She came in making sure every part of my process was incredibly organized and systematized. She set up multiple automations to save me a lot of time in my business, and allow me to focus more on coaching! Since then, she has become an asset, ensuring my students are served well, and that we have specific systems in place to majorly scale! Destiny has been a huge part of our business growth to multiple six figures in our first full year of coaching.

Christa R.

Christa Rene Photography

Let’s Talk Specifics

Give Yourself A Raise is a self-paced roadmap to increasing your rate by working with high-ticket coaches in industries that you are passionate about. 

Here’s how it goes down

 Module 1: Foundations and Mindset

This module focuses on laying the groundwork for success by addressing mindset barriers and establishing a solid foundation. You will gain insights into the power of mindset shifts, learn effective goal-setting techniques, and overcome limiting beliefs that may hinder their financial growth.

Module 2: System Setup and Efficiency

In this module, we delve into the practical aspects of running a successful virtual assistance or OBM business. We explore the importance of efficient systems, discover tools to streamline operations, and create standard operating procedures (SOPs) to enhance productivity. The emphasis is on setting up a well-organized and streamlined business structure.

Module 3: Find Your Dream Clients

This module guides participants through the process of acquiring high-ticket coaching clients. You will identify their ideal clients, craft irresistible service offerings, and develop effective marketing strategies. Special emphasis is placed on sales techniques tailored to high-ticket services, empowering participants to attract clients willing to pay their worth.

Module 4: Pricing

No more second-guessing, no more undercharging, no more feeling undervalued. This module equips you with the knowledge and confidence to confidently price your services and attract high-paying clients who respect your worth.

Ready to stop the dollar dance and finally command what you deserve? “Give Yourself A Raise” is your ticket to pricing paradise.

Module 5: Client Management

The final module focuses on maintaining successful client relationships and scaling the business. Get ready to learn to set clear client expectations, consistently deliver exceptional service, and implement client retention strategies. The module concludes with discussions on scaling the business and confidently raising service rates for sustained financial growth.


  • 5 jam-packed modules with everything you need to go from stressed and broke to confident and booked out!
  • Get life time access and updates to all GYAR content!
  • Get our GYAR Calculator & Mini Course to increase your rates with your current clients ASAP, while you work on getting your DREAM CLIENTS on your roster.


On the other side of Give Yourself A Raise, you’ll experience results like:

Shatter limiting beliefs and price your expertise like the pro you are. Attract high-paying clients who value your skills and stop settling for peanuts. Watch your bank account and confidence soar.

✅ Learn to set up and implement efficient systems that will streamline your business operations and save you time.

✅ Discover proven strategies to identify, attract, and secure high-ticket coaching clients, elevating your income potential.

✅ Master client management, delivering exceptional service for long-term client retention. Learn scaling strategies to increase income and achieve the freedom you’ve been striving for.

Enrollment Special!

✅ 50% off for everyone on the waitlist!

Waitlist members will get a MAJOR discount, and lifetime access and updates!

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*Financing options available through third-party processors like Affirm, Klarna, Afterpay, etc. starting at $93.58/month. 

Now you’ve got two choices:


Close this page and keep on keepin’ on… continue on with business as usual, grappling with the challenges you encounter daily. Imagine another few weeks of navigating these hurdles.


Enroll in Give Yourself A Raise and take the first step towards recalibrating your journey. Picture breaking free from the cycle, conquering those challenges, and embarking on a transformative path that leads to a fulfilling career in high-ticket coaching support.


You know which option I’m voting for.


In 2 weeks, you could already have your first income increase, experiencing a tangible win that propels you forward. This means unlocking the gateway to increased value in your services. Imagine the satisfaction of completing this milestone, setting the stage for a new era in your career.

In 2 months, picture yourself trading your current low paying clients for high-ticket coaching clients. This signifies a significant leap forward in your capabilities. Envision the pride and confidence that come with mastering advanced skills, setting you apart in the industry.

And in a year, your client roster and YOUR LIFE will look VERY different. See yourself thriving, with a successful and lucrative high-ticket coaching support career, basking in the fulfillment of your goals.

But that’s ONLY IF you choose option 2 and get the Give Yourself A Raise program – equipping yourself with the tools, strategies, accountability, AND support needed to turn your dreams into a reality.


What others have asked before saying yes to Give Yourself A Raise

You might be wondering…

FAQ #1 – Is this program suitable for someone without prior experience in high-ticket coaching support?

Absolutely! “Give Yourself A Raise” is designed to cater to individuals at all levels, from beginners to those with some experience. The program is crafted to provide a comprehensive foundation and advanced strategies tailored to your needs.

FAQ #2 – What happens after I sign up?

Once you get signed up for ‘Give Yourself A Raise’, you will receive a Welcome Email with all the info you need to get started. Links to access the course, schedule 1:1 calls, and subscribe to our group chat channel and calendar.


FAQ #3 – I’m not great with technology, will this program work for me?

The modules inside our program are made to walk you step by step through setting up systems for onboarding, offboarding, client/student management, and more! We teach you basic and advanced system setup principles so you can be confident when talking to your high-ticket clients.

FAQ #4 – I’ve taken online courses before and never finished them. How is this different?

Our program stands out due to its unique blend of mindset mastery, technical skill development, and practical strategies for supporting high-ticket coaches. The focus on mindfulness, real-world application, and our exclusive framework  ensures a holistic and effective approach.

FAQ #5 – What kind of ongoing support is provided after completing the program?

Upon completing “Give Yourself A Raise,” you’ll be given multiple options for ongoing support, where you can participate in live discussions, and benefit from our online evolving community.

FAQ #6 – How much time should I dedicate to the program each week?

We understand your schedule may be busy. The program is structured to accommodate various schedules. On average, expect to invest around 3-6 hours per week. You have the flexibility to learn at your own pace while still making significant progress.


FAQ #7 – What if I need more support?

The course does not include any 1:1 or group coaching support, and is made to be completed at your own pace online. If you need more support there is a group coaching upgrade available at checkout. 

This Program is for you if…

✅ You have worked in any support role before (Administrative Assistant, VA, OBM, etc.) No minimum time requirement.

You’re actively working on overcoming limiting beliefs that may be hindering your career. 

You embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and are committed to a positive mindset.

You’re ready to engage in a supportive community that values and encourages a mindset of abundance and collaboration


This Program is NOT for you if…

❌  You AREN’T looking to dive headfirst into the coaching industry

❌ You have never worked in ANY support roles (not just coaching support)

❌ You are NOT willing to dedicate 4-6 hours per week to being successful in this program

❌ You are NOT ready to change your life.

You perceive challenges as insurmountable obstacles rather than opportunities for learning.


If you’ve reached this point and still find yourself on the fence, take a moment to reflect on the aspirations that led you here. Consider the transformations you seek in your business career and the fulfillment you desire. Imagine a journey where mindset barriers are dismantled, challenges become stepping stones, and success is not just a goal but a reality.

The decision to enroll in “Give Yourself A Raise” is an investment in your potential, a commitment to overcoming obstacles, and a choice to embrace a transformative experience. It’s not merely a program; it’s a pathway to unlocking your professional greatness.

So, with a mindset poised for growth and a heart ready for success, are you prepared to embark on this empowering journey and witness the remarkable changes it can bring to your coaching support career? The choice is yours, and the possibilities are boundless.