Give Yourself A Raise Calculator

What if you could finally reclaim your time, gain financial freedom, and enjoy peace of mind without the overwhelm and frustration? Imagine a life where you’re not just working harder, but smarter – where every task you undertake contributes directly to your bottom line. Say goodbye to the endless grind and hello to efficiency, profitability, and the lifestyle you truly deserve.

Introducing the

Give Yourself A Raise Calculator

The ultimate tool for Virtual Assistants (VAs) and Online Business Managers (OBMs) to unlock their earning potential and regain control of their time.

So you’re on a mission to…

revolutionize the way you work and change lives in an industry you are passionate about. Day in and day out, you tackle task after task…

But, let’s face it – there’s a looming challenge that’s casting a shadow over your ambitions. The constant struggle to balance tasks, clients, and personal life is becoming all too familiar, and if we’re being real with each other, you’re starting to feel pretty overwhelmed. The burning question lingers: Am I always going to have to work SO MUCH for SO LITTLE?

If you find yourself nodding along – then you, my friend, are in the right place. Welcome! You’re not alone, and I’m thrilled you’re here because you’re definitely in for a game-changing solution.

Does this sound familiar…

You believe you haven’t achieved your desired program outcome because you lack a certain strategy, but you don’t actually have any evidence to support you on that.

You think you need more leads because you believe that’s the key to success, right?

You really want to see a significant increase in your revenue, and you’ve even tried email marketing campaigns, but it still hasn’t clicked the way you hoped it would.

You’ve been investing in online courses often, and deep down, it makes you feel overwhelmed.

You struggle with client retention, and it makes you feel stressed every time it comes up… you didn’t think it would be like this when you got into your business.

And at the end of the day, all you really want is financial freedom — you see other entrepreneurs in your niche living this every single day, and you’re envious that that’s not your reality yet.

Believe me when I say I get it…

because I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

The thing is, I’ve achieved remarkable success despite facing the same challenges you’re encountering, even when I didn’t have all the resources or tools I thought I needed for success. And my students regularly achieve the same, too.

So I guarantee you…

❌ You don’t need a huge budget or

❌ Extensive experience or

❌ A large team or

❌ Perfect circumstances.

So… what is it? Why haven’t you reached your desired level of success? Before we get into that, I think it’s time for some great news now:

You can make 4-figures per client, even if you don’t have advanced technical skills, extensive experience as a VA/OBM or have your niche nailed down.

And we can show you how inside of the Give Yourself A Raise Calculator:

  • Use this data-driven calculator to determine what your tasks are worth to your current or future clients.
  • Have confidence that you are being compensated fairly.
  • Give yourself a raise today without adding more work to your plate!
Destiny came into my business six months after I had begun coaching! We were scaling fast but did not have good systems and processes in place. Because of this things were getting missed, and were unorganized.
She came in making sure every part of my process was incredibly organized and systematized. She set up multiple automations to save me a lot of time in my business, and allow me to focus more on coaching!
Since then, she has become an asset, ensuring my students are served well, and that we have specific systems in place to majorly scale! Destiny has been a huge part of our business growth to multiple six figures in our first full year of coaching.
Christa R


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