Simple by Samantha Blog and Podcast


This project was a labor of love for my good friend Samantha Zarnes. She created her podcast from her desire to reach out and help women like me who want MORE out of life in the simplest way possible. We began this project with a kickoff call where we laid out all that would be required of her, and all that would be required of me throughout the process. She provided a “mood board” and some examples of websites she liked so I could help her get the look and feel of the website she was looking for. This project took about 6 weeks to complete, and I still maintain her website to this day by updating plugins, keeping up security, and posting the occasional (pre-written) blog post when needed.

Destiny was a dream to work with. I was able to communicate my vision and trust her process. She continues to maintain my website so I don’t have to worry about all the tech stuff that I hate. – Samantha Zarnes

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